When to Start automated software testing?

Currently, in the software business, the implementation of agile methodologies allows the users to implement an iterative life cycle versus a cascade life cycle which is very common. In the world of Testing, when the word agile is heard, it states that we can immediately link it to everything related to automation, as we all are aware of the fact that there are repetitive test cycles that exist in the world of testing. Now concerning this, the question arises why not automate them? Why not go with the Web QA Web Test Automation Services?

The test automation feature helps speed up the process, improvise the execution times, faster delivery times, and many more.

What is automation testing, and when and what should we automate?

When should we initiate the Automation Testing?

The initiation can be done when we have an application where changes are not very frequent. In other simple words, we need some stability in the environment. For instance, interface changes could cause the failure of the automatic test; due to this, it is recommended to primarily automate other more stable parts of the application, like the core of the application, although this does not state that you cannot automate the interface tests.

Another aspect that can be considered in this phase is the project’s duration. If a project has a brief timeframe for its implementation, either the software testing is dependent upon human observation or requires a single execution. In such as scenario, the most advisable thing is to refrain from automating and opt for manual test cycles. It has been seen that the automation of tests is not the elimination of manual testing. It must exist and be implemented in projects.

Thus, it represents what automated testing can do.

Another question or query in the users’ minds is what QA Automated Testing can do.

Automation in unit testing, functional, a regression that includes maintenance, migration, smoke test, etc., WebServices testing, integration and performance, load or stress testing is feasible. In QA automation, the execution of automated tests helps facilitate various benefits, including excellent coverage in test cases, reusability, and efficiency in the processes. The method also helps obtain additional benefits of reducing the time and effort in the tests and thus maintains the quality. There is an improvement in the delivery and execution times.


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