How to outsource test environment management

An organization is seeking comprehensive test environment management and planning services to ensure efficient and optimal use of technology assets and resources. Do you need help keeping an optimal test environment ready before testing? If yes, you can benefit significantly from our test environment management services.

Our Test Environment Management Services

Manasio is a leading test environment management service provider. Manasio can help you with your test environment management requirements with the help of several test environment management tools.

The test environment management services of Manasio include –

Test Server Setup Services

As part of our test environment management services, the company makes a test server since there are fewer chances that all tests may not be performed on a local machine. The test server will support the required applications. Manasio can set up test servers like Fedora for PHP, Java-based applications with or without mail servers, and many more.

Network Setup Services

Manasio is famous for facilitating the set up of the internet connection, LAN and Wi-Fi, and private networks are facilitated. As per the requirement and specifications of the network, the services are served by the company. The network setup will ensure that any network crowding during testing doesn’t affect other team members.

Test PC Setup Services

Web testing will require different browsers for several kinds of testers. For testing desktop applications, Manasio considers that different types of various required operating systems are available for testing. Let us understand with the help of an example of a Windows phone app that requires testing; Visual Studio and Windows phone emulators are available at Manasio.

Why Outsource Test Environment Management Services to Manasio?

Manasio has several years of experience facilitating robust test environment management solutions for a global clientele.

Here we have mentioned some of the benefits of Test Environment Management Services.

Cost-effective Pricing

The test environment management specialists provide the best services at highly cost-effective prices.

Tools and Technologies

The test environment management team utilizes the latest and best testing tools and technologies so that highly robust test environment management services can be served to the clients.

High-quality Services

Along with robust QA processes, Manasio makes the assurance of facilitating the best test environment management services once chosen.

World-class Infrastructure

Our test environment management team works in world-class office spaces and uses modern and powerful computers to provide highly robust test environment management solutions.

Quick Turnaround Time

Manasio is a leading test environment management service provider that delivers its service fixedly.


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