How to outsource software testing

The software development project does not have an end over the development process only. It must undergo various software testing processes before making the final launch. If the organization is not aware of any experienced in-house software testing team or if your existing unit is limited in size, outsourcing QA services is preferable to building your QA team from the beginning.

Each industry vertical has its unique business processes; adopting testers with whom you have never worked in your industry before will only slow down the efforts made on the testing. On the other hand, a team of QA professionals who has an overall knowledge about how your business works will not only help you in including the efficiency of testing but can also help you focus on your quality efforts so that you can make the identification of the areas of the highest level of business and the highest testing priority.

Hiring the staff, or a managed service, what is better?

If there is a massive requirement for testers for a short-term project, staff augmentation is usually the best approach. However, if your organization requires ongoing support and skilled personnel, then the business’s core is the multiyear managed service requirement.

Does your partner have a technology framework and best practices?

Remember to ask a prospective vendor what unique intellectual property and best practices they can bring to your project. The team incorporated with years of experience is the essential requirement of the business for completing tasks into a set of best practices, accelerators, methodologies, and tool kits. Having these assets will accelerate your quality efforts and reduce time to market.

Checking Cultural compatibility

A good cultural fit is an important criterion, like others. Your partner must be aware of the happenings of your organization, the people, and other vendors that work on your projects.

Check those references

Of course, you will do the due diligence by checking the references the vendor brings to you. Remember to go beyond the concept. Have keen observations on what your competitors are using? Which vendors are gaining headway in the industry? Check analyst reports and market analysis. By following all these things, you will get a clearer picture of your prospective vendor’s position and market share.

Vision and innovation

Staying forward to the curve is an additional benefit for any prospective service provider. When outsourcing testing, you must find a partner that can guide you based on what’s going on in the industry, share its experience, and propose new ideas, fresh approaches, and different angles. A vendor that can help you focus your effort on various factors, including the technologies and trends, is more likely to become a long-term strategic partner.

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