Get Your Dedicated Software Team With US

We’ll provide an assembled team and take care of its integration, motivation and management, while you retain ownership over the whole project and control the overall project progress

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Our Dedicated Services

How we Help you?

For start-ups

If you’re an early-stage startup then a dedicated development team save money on the hiring processes and develop the product faster.

For Long-term project

A dedicated team makes sure that the specialists you work with will stick with you to the end. This is exactly what this model guarantees.

For MVP Development

When your idea is extra ordinary, and also needs research, you will waste too much time and effort on tests and surveys. Dedicated team is the Answer.

For Discovery Stage

When your idea doesn’t have the product-market fit and needs a discovery stage, the dedicated team is the way to go.

Dedicated Teams

Our Consulting Approach

We first decide if you need one holistic or multiple development teams for specific tasks. If your product is close to being ready, consider introducing an additional maintenance team.

If the dedicated team staff has the necessary specialists, we can start working immediately. If not, we contact the professionals or the talent pool of partners.

Then we Seamlessly integrate the team with the project workflow. Choose your preferred approach and management tools.

Benefits of Dedicated team

Our Implementation Approach

The idea of teams fits long-term projects with potential changes in scope, tasks, and other unique parts of the project.

You get full control over our collaborators, similar to the existing internal branches. Professional offshore staff often helps with planning and supervision, plus they deliver fresh ideas.

As a result, it leads to wonderful savings on salaries, office space, HR tasks, software and hardware, training, and so on. You can run processes day and night thanks to different time zones, too.