Best Time For An End To End Testing

End to End testing validates software or application for their dependencies, data integrity, and interaction with other systems, interfaces, and databases. E2E testing creates a complete production scenario and validates the application from the beginning to the end. This testing also validates the integration with external interfaces.

Best Practices for E2E Testing

Keep an end-user perspective.

When it comes to the designing part of testing and creating test cases, always make sure to think like an end-user. Focus on some of the characteristics of the application rather than its implementation.

Risk-Based Testing.

Risk-Based Testing (RBT) is critical for categorizing your end-to-end business processes. This testing is based on business criticality. The user can make utilization of this testing in several ways. First, one can segment functionality into priorities, for instance, P1, P2, P3, and P4. This allows you to create plans for the test and schedules that are focused on stress.

Maintain the proper order.

Maintaining a proper Quality Assurance process is to identify application errors at the earliest stage in the software delivery life cycle. Here the cost of resolution is less.

Manage your test environment and your test data.

Try to make your test environment setup process efficient and consistent. One must always ensure that the deployment teams have precise requirements for their test environments, which are suitable for success. There is nothing more demotivating for a testing team than getting halfway through a testing cycle. By this, one can find an integrated component that isn’t connected and has different data. The operation of smoke testing ensures you check all integrated system components that are up and running.

What is the right time to initiate the E2E Testing:

  • There should be availability of the test environment.
  • Accurate test data should be available along with the QA team.
  • End-user scenarios must be covered in the test cases.
  • The testing must be installed and ready to use
  • What is the right time to end the E2E Testing:
  • Accomplishing all the test plans.
  • No critical or high-severity defects should remain.
  • Comprehensive testing of high-risk areas.
  • The accomplishment of the requirements of the test coverage.

As your application or software system evolves, you must work across various devices and environments. E2E testing plays a critical role in scaling the testing efforts. E2E testing helps validate and ensure the APIs of the product, DB interactions, and performance of network communications as desired.


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