Best quality assurance services company must have

Software testing, also termed Quality Assurance in the technical term, is one of the essential domains in the IT industry. Since the last few decades, the domain has taken a new turn with a massive influence on the success of software or application.

This helps improve the goodwill of the business and enhance the quality of a project. One of the best things is that it saves thousands of money that are prone to be spent on maintenance or building the whole process or testing. There are several companies available over the globe that are working specifically in the testing industry only. They are used to facilitate cost-effective solutions to software with the best strategy to keep top-notch quality.

Here is a list of the top 5 companies working actively in the testing phase of the domain. They are also seen as the best companies among the rest.

1. Manasio

The company’s Independent Testing (IT) and Quality Assurance (QA) services ensure that applications are vigorously examined under the surveillance of test methodologies with industry standards and QA processes. A large group of people and process involvements help build a test plan abroad for the clients. They follow rigorous testing procedures, match the standards, and work in a structured environment. The final output must meet the level of 3 measures of SEI CMM. Manasio also offers an overall range of Software Testing and Quality Assurance (QA) services by maximizing the software application’s quality, performance, and availability while managing the costs and risks for their clients.

2. Testbytes

Testbytes is one of the biggest QA companies located in Pune. Testbytes is a vast company that is popularly known as a community of software testers who are committed towards their profession and love to test bugs. The company is expertized in the field of App Testing for both Android and iOS. Along with this, Testbytes also assure the quality of Web Apps with automation testing, game testing, and desktop testing. With the best testing tool, the company ensures high software performance, utmost security, and functionality of the final product.

3. Resourcology

Another great testing company is Resourcology. Resourcology deals with complying with software development and testing cycle based on the SDLC concept. In addition, the company covers a wide range of testing of ERP, CRM, SAP, Web, Mobile and all Mainframe app. The company’s objective is to facilitate the best and error-free service to the customer, ensuring that no errors are left behind. They follow a trial form so that they can make assurance of the quality and solution before signing the project.

4. WebImprint

WebImprint is a software testing Automation Company based in Mexico, India and Dubai. The company facilitates the management of quality services and automated tests. They also offer solution providers for various services, including security testing, automation, acceptance testing, functional testing, performance testing, QA quality management system, validation testing, regression testing, system testing, integration testing, and unit testing.

5. Mann India Technology

Mann India Technology is a company that is based in Noida. Mann India Technology is a QA company that works with software development and is registered with the government as a private In. The workability of the company is famous for testing, development, design, on-time delivery, and many other services.


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